project 12 portraits - fill the frame

With a pretty face like this around to photograph I made it easy on myself. I  took this one literal and I "filled the frame "with my littles ones face. On a personal note... how is it possible this one just graduated from preschool?
Next up is my friend  Collins MS | Child and Family Photographer | Amber Norris Photography . Please check out the rest of the circle to see what the rest of the ladies did with this theme.

project 12 portraits - editorial

This is not editorial at all. Heck to be honest I am not really sure what editorial would mean for me if I could take the time to interpret it.  I wanted to participate so I pulled out my camera yesterday and asked my little one to play along with me for just a few frames. So here is my baby girl at 5, in her way too big for her favorite shirt. I would love to do a better job styling sessions and maybe someday I will. 

For now I am  just grateful for what I captured here. Today I am grateful I have images to remember those sweet little blond streaks that frame her face, the ones that I have to pay crazy money to get in my own hair! Her messy piggies that I think are so stinking cute, but she just tolerates because she Hates (yes, with a capital H) brushing her hair and she thinks piggies are better than brushing. And her love of peace signs, rainbows and almost all things bling at this age. 

Next up in the circle is the amazingly talented Krista Keller | Danville, CA Child, Family & Senior her!!!

girl interrupted

She was watching her favorite show, Johnny Test and I wanted to check some settings on my camera. I asked her for one  minute...she wasn't too happy with me. I love this pouty little face.