Lil' Miss Leah - 2 Month Check Up

Leah had her 2 month check up this week and she was 23 inches (80th percentile) and 9lbs 11 ounces (20th percentile). The Dr. was concerned when he heard her cry because of her hoarse voice so he sent us to see a ears, nose and throat specialist. Long story short as I suspected she does indeed have reflux and that is most likely the reason my poor sweet baby has been so fussy. We got a prescription for her, which should help. We go back in 6 weeks for a check up. I will keep you all posted on her progress. Hopefully we will see a change over the next week or so. Jordan had a check up too and it was confirmed... he is a skinny marink at just 22 lbs and almost 34 inches tall. Jordan had shots too, the sucker and the book they gave him afterwards worked wonders!! He cried harder with the Doctor's exam than he did for the shots.

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