Christmas With The Northern Blaylock's

We had a fabulously fun and busy weekend. We hosted a party at our house where we spent time with the Blaylock Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. We woke up the next morning and went to see our boys Dylan and Nick kick butt wrestling (great job boys!!) and we saw Santa all in one weekend!!

Nana, Papa and all 9 grandkids.

Jordan was enthralled with Cayden and was following him around the house. What a fun kid, such amazing energy!!

Lauryn had fun opening her presents. Maybe we will give her some paper for Christmas that seems to make her happy. She is such a happy girl and will never deny anyone a smile.

Here is Leah opening her first Christmas present ever. So cute! (Thanks Northern Blaylocks, we love the books and sleepers)

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