miss leah - four month check up

Leah went in for her 4 month check up today. I made the appointment last week because I was concerned about her reflux not getting any better and I figured I could go in and talk to the Doctor about the reflux and have her 4 month check done at the same time. When I made the appointment last week I talked to the Dr. about thickening her bottle with cereal. He gave the go ahead to try it and after just a few days she is a different baby. The past two nights she slept from about 7 pm- 6:30 am!!!!! She woke up for her binky once each night but went right back to sleep after I gave it to her. She was so happy today laughing and smiling, it is awesome!!! She weighs 12 lbs (20 th %) and is 24 inches (55th %).

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