lil' miss leah - 5 months

Leah just turned 5 months. She is a super happy little girl now and if she is awake she is smiling and "talking". Both Leah and Jordan have been sick with ear infections and colds lately but after a couple of rounds of antibiotics and many trips to the pediatrician I think we have finally turned the corner to healthy (knock on wood). Jordan and Daddy went to The All Aboard Diner (affectionately known as the train store to Jordan) a few days ago and Leah and I had a photo shoot. It is really hard to get her to smile while I am taking pictures, it gives me a greater appreciation for the awesome job Melynda does with all of the kids photos. I could be wrong but I think she is going to be my blue eyed girl. There is no doubt she is going to keep me on my toes. She has been waking up at 4 am the past few nights and is completely content... as long as I am holding her. As soon as I start to put her down in her own bed she starts to cry. I hope I do not regret letting her sleep on my chest just so I can get a little shut eye.

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Renee said...

Her eyes are so pretty they just pop on the photo! I cannot believe how big she is getting.