My Fly Boys

We had a great weekend. We went with Aunt Carrie and Jacob to see real airplanes up close and personal. Jordan has not stopped talking about it. He has been a little under the weather so we were hestitant to bring him but we figured the fresh air would do him some good. He really enjoyed seeing all of the airplanes and he even got to sit in one. He has never talked about something so much. We are definetly going to have to do that again next year.

You see the tiny two seater my guys are standing in front of...Drew went up with Kevin's Dad in that plane!! Cool huh?! I can hardly believe my Drew, the same guy who needs to take sleeping pills whenever we fly, went up in that tiny plane. Very cool!

Jordan sat in the airplane and got to look at all the buttons. He was very good and sat without touching anything.

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