No Idea

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday
Leah was dolled up for nothing
I had to take pictures
This outfit was Jordan's
when he was her age
I liked it so much
I knew she would look cute
but I had no idea
how much

I don't have any pictures
of him in it
I wish I did
I had no idea how quickly
He would start to
grow up
He has been
Catching frogs in the yard
(Daddy says it's a toad)
just to let them go
Cracking up because silly Mommy
gives him an applesauce jar
for the froggy house
Picking flowers for Mommy
from her peony bush
that wasn't really
meant to be picked
but when you get them
from someone like this
Could you complain
Running and jumping
in the rain
He said, "Mommy I love you"
tonight while watching tv
It was unexpected
and so very sweet

Daddy & Leah
played in the rain today
she didn't like it much
but we couldn't leave
her out
From the look
on her face
I think she would have preferred
we left her out
of the fun

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