Jacob Kowalik

Many of you know our dear friends Jen and Mike and their adorable, ever happy Jacob pictured above. Jen & Mike met with the Children's Memorial Bone Marrow Transplant team this week. After over 2 hours of overwhelming information they were told that it is in Jacob's best interest to proceed with a bone marrow transplant.

The first step in this lengthy procedure is to find a close bone marrow match for Jacob. Both National and International Bone Marrow banks will be searched for the best possible match to Jacob. At the meeting they were informed that the search was in process and several "close" matches had been identified.

Jen and Mike have been told that the likelihood is slim that any friend or extended family would be a match, however I want to encourage anyone between the ages of 18 - 60 that can be to be tested. You can go to this website and get all the information you need. http://www.marrow.org/JOIN/Join_Now/join_now.html it literally takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and a test kit will be sent to your home in a week. Although it is not likely you will be donating to Jacob, you may be a match for someone else who needs a match.

My heart aches for the Kowalik's. Please keep them in your thoughts.

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