Happy Halloween at Grandhaven

Nick has the evil look in his eyes down. I love how he is posing for this picture even with his mask on, this is perfect!

We had so much fun at the Grandhaven Halloween Party. It is always so much fun to see all the kids in their costumes. We got lucky and the sun broke through just in time for us to take a quick walk around the neighborhood to collect some candy. Leah was not very cooperative but it was a pleasant change from last year when she slept the entire time and I had to stay in the truck with her while everyone else got to go house to house. Thanks Nana & Papa!

Luckily I was not the "official" photographer because this is the only picture I have of the storm trooper. I miss one kid every year. Last year, I missed taking pictures if Nick... what a bummer!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this costume!

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