They Make Great Pets

After searching high and low we finally found the perfect pets!

First we had to give them both baths (the pets not the kids).

Jordan did not look like he was taking his job very seriously so I made him show me his pet up real close so I could be sure that his was good and clean, especially since this will be the one and only bath these little guys get. No StInKy rocks in the Blaylock house! After a very thorough inspection I was happy with his job well done!

These are going to be some fancy pets, these kiddos are taking this very seriously.

I am a proud Mommy. Leah only HAD to taste the paint once before she decided it was really something she would rather play with and not eat. My helper man Jordan cleaned up Leah's tray, his hands, his spot and did a great job it really was impressive for a 2 + year old. The pet's on the other hand, I think maybe only a mother can love. Jordan decided that they are a gift for Daddy. What a lucky Daddy!

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