Leah at 18 Months

Some things about Leah at 18 months:

She is sweet and kind, puckering up to give smooches and the biggest and the best, best hugs
She adores the boys and is always looking for Jordan and Daddy and screeches with joy when she finally finds them
Some nicknames we have for Leah are: Bobeah, Leela (and any combo of these two words), Leelop, Honey bunny & Mahoney
She loves to watch movies, especially Melmo (Elmo), Monsters Inc. and Princess and the Frog
She is silly and will do anything to make us laugh

She likes to wear headbands and if you tell her she is a pretty girl she will hold her hands by her cheeks and smile
She has finally stopped rubbing food in her hair and throwing it on the floor when she is done eating (thank goodness)
Leah has 9 teeth so far and more are coming in as I write

She LOVES animals
One of the few words she says clearly is dog

She can also say cat, daddy, mama, papa, nana, sit, boys, duck, and mail
She has not been a talker until now but it seems like she is learning a new word daily

Leah is brave, if I would allow it and she could talk she would jump on the back of this goat and yell out "yee haw"
Leah is stubborn and knows what she wants if you are not giving her what she wants you will know it and the tears will flow
She is a very happy girl and is almost always smiling and always on the move
She likes to dance and she can really impress us with her dance moves, this girl has some moves
Leah is a sweetie pie if she is in the room you will know it, you will either hear her or see her running around the room
This girl is loved more than she will ever know

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