Not Your Honey

Some things about Jordan at 3:

He has such a kind heart
He adores his sister
He always tells me that Leah is his favorite girl
He loves to read books, especially if they are about trucks or trains
At any given moment you can find 3 or 4 books in his bed
His favorite animal is a cow 
His favorite shows to watch are Curious George and Super Why
Often times when he is supposed to be napping I hear him say…
“super why to the rescue….”
He is an awesome helper
 He wants to help with everything…
dishes, laundry, cooking, cutting grass, work around the yard
He ALWAYS remembers to clean out the lint trap when he helps with the laundry
He has an amazing memory
When he is asks me if I can get him a particular toy or book and I can’t find it he can always tell me right where it is in the house
He likes to play with his garbage trucks and tools
Often times you can find him pretending he is Uncle Jeff
He walks around the house and uses a different voice and says,
 “ Hi, I am Uncle Jeff.”
If you ask him what he is doing he says,
“I am doing orange work.”
Orange is his favorite color
He is obsessed with orange
He likes to play outside, rain or shine
He is tall and skinny…very skinny
He sleeps with many, many books in his big boy bed, a Spider Man blanket, his special yellow blanket and has started sleeping with Cookie Monster again
Pizza is his favorite food
He also loves broccoli, fries and chicken nuggets
He knows all of his letters and we are working on writing some of them too
I call him Honey
Nana calls him Sweetheart
Grannie calls him Charlie Sweet Potatoes
 Daddy calls him Jordan Roo, Jay Dawg and Jay Dizzle
and if the wrong person calls him by the wrong nickname he lets them know about it for example if I call him Sweetheart he tells me I am not your Sweetheart Nana calls me that
I’m so proud of Jordan whenever he learns something new, but I’m the proudest when he is kind out of the blue, or when he gives big smooches and hugs without me asking or when he is kind to someone
I hope his heart is always as big as it is now

I love you with all my heart Jordan!

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