in the sky

Jordan has been pretending he and Leah are helicopter pilots nonstop since yesterday when we saw three Black Hawk helicopters up close and personal.
They were so loud when they were flying in and landing!
They made Jordan a little nervous but Leah was trying to run right up to them and
I had a hard time holding her back.

There were so many fun "things that go" at the airport.
Jordan saw a dump truck off to the side that he just had to check out.

There were so many cool airplanes.
Jordan wanted to take his picture with this orange airplane.
The coolest plane was the little red plane that Drew and Jordan got to copilot.

Everthing was ok,
I thought I was ok
excited even...

Until the plane started to taxi down the runway and I felt a lump in my throat and my heart started racing.
I said to Big" Papa, " I don't like this" and he agreed.
It was a good thing the plane did not go far and did not stay in the sky long.
We both watched the plane the entire time until our guys were back with us.

Leah was so mad, she wanted to go for a ride too! 
I was so grateful that she was on the ground with me and I had someone to hold on to until 
my guys were back with their feet on the ground.

Of course the dare devil  got a chance to sit in the airplane.
Maybe next year she will get to fly too.
That is only if Mommy can handle the stress!

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