Let's Play Ball

Jordan had his first t ball "game" on on Friday and he loved it. The pictures speak a thousand words. He had so much fun.

He was so excited to go play baseball.

He asked if Mommy could come with him to sit on the bench but once he was out there he was all smiles. The kids were so cute sitting and listening to Coach Bubba while he told them the rules. 

The kids ran the bases and got a to scoop up a few balls.

Daddy only had to walk out to Jordan and tell him to stop playing with the dirt one time. Jordan is looking forward to playing t ball again this week. Only bad thing was that Mommy and Daddy can't both go and watch Jordan play because Leah did not do too well. She was either crying or trying to run out on to the field the whole time so Drew and I are going to alternate who takes Jordan to play ball. It was fun though and I am looking forward to my turn to take him.

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