Summer Camp

Jordan started summer camp today
It was a little hard on everyone at first
He cried when we dropped him off
I have to admit I cried a tear or two too
He couldn't understand why we couldn't stay
He couldn't understand why Leah couldn't stay
Leah was lost at home without him

She kept asking me, "Where Jordy go? "
Taking me by the hand and saying, "Find him"
She was wandering around his room looking at all his toys
She was dragging his favorite Cookie Monster around the house
Repeating over and over, "Where go, where go?"
We got to camp a few minutes early to pick up
I peeked in the window
He was having a blast
Dancing and singing with his friend Isabella
When class was done
He came running out the door
He was smiling ear to ear and he grabbed Leah's hand
He asked me why I left him
He told me he was crying looking all over for me
He also said he had so much fun
He kept talking about all the fun things he did with his friends
With a great big smile he asked when he could go again
We will see how it goes
When I put him to bed for the night he asked me again why I left him
I told him because it was only for kids
He said when I become a kid then I can come with him
He told me it was nice but he does not want to go back to camp
I hope he changes his mind before Monday
He is not making this easy on me

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