Today was the last day of summer camp
After all the hoopla on the first day,
Jordan rocked it out the rest of the camp!
He always came out of class with a big smile
Leah would run up to him and give him
Big hugs and kisses
He would squeeze her right back
He had fun creating lots of art for our fridge
All of it orange of course!
He had fun singing and dancing with his friends
He told  me he made a friend named Cayden
But it was not his cousin
There is another boy
Named Cayden
Can you even believe it?
(He was VERY surprised, too cute)
They took field trips to the park and the library
Today Officer Patty (a mechanical talking police car)
Visited camp to talk about safety
Of course she knew Jordan and said hello him
Jordan always tells me he is a bigger guy now
He is so proud when he can put on his own socks
Or get his jammies on without any help
Or how he can pedal his trike all by himself
He is eager to show anyone who will watch his new skills
Soon he will be off to preschool
We could not be more excited to be part of many more adventures
And to see what he will be learning next!

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