Leah at 2

It seems like just yesterday
2 years have already gone by
Leah has changed so much
She never ceases to amaze us
She makes us smile every day

Some things about Leah at 2:

She loves to give huggies and kisses
She adores Jordan, he is her best friend
She cries when he goes to preschool
She walks around aimlessly
Calling out his name until he gets back home
She has the cutest way of saying "sure" when you ask her a question
She also has this sweet way of saying, "thank you" and "your welcome"
She is very much an accessory girl
She loves to wear hats, shoes, necklaces, barrettes, and says,
"I pretty" to ask you to help her to put any of these things on her
She is awful to put down to bed at night
It takes at least an hour of going in and out of her room
Asking for her cup, help with her blanket, a book, the potty, her phone...
the list goes on an on
And yes we could and maybe should not play into but
she is just too stinkin' cute and we can't help ourselves
Also, anytime we don't go in and then finally do go in to check on her
something crazy is going on...
Like she will not have any clothes on
Or somehow she will have the lid off her cup and her bed will be soaked with juice
So we almost always go in
Also, she is a horrible sleeper
She wakes up several times a night
Asking for her cup, help with her blanket, a book, the potty, her phone...
again the list goes on an on
She loves to "read" books and watch movies
Her favorite characters lately are Handymanny and Nemo
She loves, loves, loves animals
She likes dogs most of all
She hates getting her picture taken and always tells me
" no picture Mommy" and hides her face when I try to take her picture
She like to pretend she is taking pictures though and will hold Lego's and say, "cheese"
She is feisty, strong willed and determined to get her way
Can cry on a dime if she does not get her way
She is the toughest chick I know
I am so proud to be her Mom
I cannot wait to see wait the next year has in store for us
I am sure it will be exciting and fun
With Leah around it is always an adventure
Happy Birthday Leah! I am so lucky to be your Mom.

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