My Sweet (Not A Baby) Boy

Jordan's first day at school was great
he woke up bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to go

he was so excited to go to school with his best pal Jack
they are going to be quite a pair this year
Mrs. Versluys called me to give me the update on the boys
(Mr. Versluys is the principal at the school so he peeked in on the boys)
she said that Jordan was keeping Jack in line
she said Jack kept trying to take his name tag off
and Jordan was whispering to him that he had to keep it on
she also said that they were sitting so close to each other
that they were almost one person
these boys are too too cute together

he was so brave
and walked right in to school
we were so proud of him
Jordan said school was really great
he can't wait to go back tomorrow

I was especially proud of him when
he walked out with a smile on his face
with his adorable teacher Mrs. Gunderson
she said he did awesome
and told me what a sweet, sweet boy he is
I love to hear that
I hope he continues to keep it up

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