Under The Bed

Jordan said there was something under the bed in the office
Daddy had to have it
He needed me to move the bed
Right away
Daddy would be very happy about it
I told him I was not strong enough to move the bed
It would have to wait
He insisted I move the bed
He seemed very worried
I finally looked under the bed
To see what was so important
He said, "See I told you, Daddy's hiccups are under there!"
"He needs those to catch the bad guys Mommy."
I couldn't help but giggle
I saw what he was talking about
Now I knew why he was so worried
Daddy went to work without his
Handcuffs, you know he needs those to catch bad guys
Silly Mommy

**disregard the need for a haircut he is going to get one very soon I promise,  it is just a little long in the front so he can spike it up just like his dad

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Anonymous said...

Oh my poor grandson Mommie listen to him