out of the blue

Leah threw her binky in the garbage before her nap. She cried for a horribly long time before she finally fell asleep for her nap. I showed her how to suck on her thumb, and she giggled because she thought it was so silly and then drifted off for a short nap all the while snuggled up tight next to me.  

She fell asleep for the night with no tears but lots of request for juice, potty breaks and even a jammie change. I let her have her way with every request because I really do feel for her. It is midnight and she woke up once so far but she did not ask for her binky she just needed a quick hug. I hope my sweet baby sleeps well through the rest of the night.

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Anonymous said...

ahh she is sooooo sweet (sleeping) just joking she is my favorite Ms. Mahoney