the routine

Everyday it is the same routine. At nap time we march up the stairs and Jordan asks if he can read Leah a few books. I give a stern look, he looks up at me with his big brown puppy eyes and asks, "just a few...just a few mommy." Every single day I cave and say yes. Under one condition, they must read quietly. Then and only then can she stay in his room and read. Once she starts getting crazy she has to go in her own room. They both jump up and down excitedly at the prospect of reading books together. I remind them of the rules. They promise they will listen. I leave the room. It usually only takes a few minutes before I hear giggling and laughter. When I return to the room they are both under the covers, books scattered on the floor. I act like I am really mad. I tell them "this is your last chance!" They say they are sorry and will not do it again. Hugs and kisses all around to make up for the offense. I give them a few chances before I finally sweep her up into her own room. Don't tell them but I think it is super cute when the do this.
I tried to sneak in today and take a picture of them reading before they got silly on me. I got one click in when Jordan asked if we could take a picture of all of us together reading. I set the camera up on the dresser and quickly took a picture of all three of us together. Not my most glamorous moment but if you walked in my house in the middle of the day, in the middle the week this is what you would get. Nothing fancy here.

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