Firefighter Jordan

I never imagined when I started my 52 week project 8 weeks ago that I would meet so many kind and wonderful women. I knew they were talented and I knew they were a great group of women but I did not know how great or how kind.

I was blown away when my new friend, the lovely and talented Crystal , saw my headless post from week 6. She commented on the post to let me know if I thought Jordan was interested she thought she could get her hands on a t-shirt from her mans firehouse in San Diego. Have I mentioned that Jordan is obsessed with everything fireman/firetruck related?? So of course I was over the moon excited and of course I said yes.

 I cannot thank her and Fireman Dan enough for the joy they brought to my little man. So sweet and so wonderful. Their kindness overwhelmed me and brought tears to this mamas eyes. To see your child so happy is truly priceless. When the package arrived not only was he treated to a t-shirt but a couple of other treats too!
I knew the package was on the way so we had talked about it for a few days so he was super excited when he received his package from a real fireman! It was wear your jammies to school day so he was already wearing these jammies when the package came to the door this was not staged for the pictures.
His mouth literally fell open when he saw his own firetruck book in the package. We had just gone to the library the day before and he picked out two firetruck books and he insisted that he was not going to ever return those to the library. He kept repeating that this was his very own book. So. Crazy. Happy!

He is my little book worm. He quickly sat down to look though all the pages. We have read it several times a day, every day and he already knows all the words. It is terribly cute to hear him read the book. He won't even let me read it to him anymore because he says that "he is a bigger guy and can read it to me." At the end of reading his firetruck books at night he often asks, "Isn't reading fun mom?" I couldn't agree more.
He put his shirt on right away but backwards of course, so he could see the truck. It only took him two days before he agreed to let me wash it. He put his helmet sticker on his fish tank, he said he wanted to do that "so he could look at it every night and so his fish could see it too." 

He thanks me over and over for telling my fireman friend that he liked firetrucks. He could not believe that I knew a real fireman. Thank you fireman Dan & Crystal you guys are amazing!


Amy C said...

What a great story!!! These images are priceless. And the perfect take on "light"!

Jobrina Hofleit said...

How awesome is this!?!? The expressions on his face are priceless!!!!!!! That was SO great of Crystal and her amazing "firefighter" hubby!!!!!!! ;-)

Crystal said...

AWWWW!!! I cannot stop smiling!!! Wait until I show Dan- He's at work right now but I'll sure to send it to him and tell him to show his crew. I TOTALLY wanted to ask you to keep your camera out as he opened so we could see the look on his face but didn't want to seem demanding... of COURSE you and I think alike when it comes to capturing the moment. This is so special, thank you for sharing! So happy we could put a smile on you little man's face :) If we're ever in Chicago we'll have to get together so the boys (and girls!) can meet!

Anonymous said...

how sweet! love our p52 group!!!! :) liza

Anonymous said...

Crystal Dan,
Thank you sooooooo much for making my grandson sooooooo happy.
Sharon Bivins

Crystal said...

It was our pleasure Sharon :)