perfect combination

Leah likes to change her clothes at least 500 times a day
It is adorable to see what a fashionista she is
She is a lover of accessories, anything pink and is a huge fan of dresses
She makes it extremely difficult to get out the door when we are getting ready
She will routinely turn down at least 3 outfit choices before she gives the nod of approval
She also loves to steal my books and run off to find a hiding place to "read" them
For some reason she prefers my books over her own
I think it is cute and it makes me nervous every time I see her with a book because of her tendency to rip them she hasn't done that in a while so I am hoping she is over that
Lately she can be heard saying, "that is my favorite"...
everything that she likes or wants to do is her favorite
If she wants to watch Shrek she will say, "I watch Shrek Mommy, he is my favorite",
if she wants to watch Toy Story she will say, "watch Toy Story Mommy, it is my favorite movie."
Day to day, hour to hour something different is her favorite
Leah is the perfect combination of sugar and spice
and everything nice just like every girl should be
Now if I could only get her to go to sleep at night without a fight
THAT would be nice

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Sweet Leah AKA Grannies Mahoney