He is five
This sweet, smart, adorable little boy is five
Where does the time go
We started out our day with ballons, singing and gifts
We ended with cake, more singing, pizza, and playing Star Wars on Wii
It was wonderful

For a special treat we hung with one of Jordan's bff's
Jordan was sure that since he was 5 he was going to be taller than his buddy...nope
There are times when I can hardly believe I have kids yet alone a five year old
Yesterday I told him I wanted to take a few pics of him and he shook his head, curled his lip under and said no way
He told me I had enough pictures of when he was four.
I told him I needed some of his last day
His very last day of being four and he agreed

I asked him a few questions on his last day of being four...

What is your favorite color? all of them, he still doesn't get the concept of favorite and can't pick just one
What is your favorite toy? these he pointed to some storm trooper action Lego's
Fave fruit? strawberries
Fave snack? clouds????? no idea what the heck because he could not elaborate and tell me what he was talking about
Fave song? Star Wars song...although he actually just made the noises of the song for me like he does all day from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed
The kid is obsessed
Fave person in our house? Leah
Why? She makes me laugh
Favorite animal? Cow, just because
What do you take to bed with you at night? Leah
Truth of the matter is these two fight...a lot and I yell a lot and bedtime, well...
it is a nightmare but to hear all the nice thing he has to say about her it really warms this Mommy's heart
and at the end of the day they really are super close
I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked if they are twins
What do you want to be when you grow up? A firefighter (I totally expected him to say Darth Vader)
What do you most like about your family? Kissing and hugging
What is something Mom always says to you? No
What is something Dad always says to you? Stop it (pauses) like stop picking my nails
What makes Mommy happy? Hugs and kisses
What makes Daddy happy? When we clean up and don't leave lights on
How tall is Mommy? Really big as big as 60
How about Daddy? He is huge, he weighs about 100
What makes you laugh? Leah, always Leah

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Anonymous said...

My first reaction to pictures is smiles then when I think of how it feels to have you in my life Jordan I cry I am greatful greatful.