project 26 | me and mine (struggle)

Leah loves clothes and is terribly picky about what she will wear. She and I  are in a constant struggle over the clothes all over her floor and stuffed in drawers. From the moment she could dress herself she started changing at least (at the very least) four times a day. I can only imagine what she will be like in her teenage years...yikes! It is not uncommon for her to be playing outside, stop what she is doing, tell me she will be right back and then when she comes back she is wearing a different outfit. I have to admit the whole process of her getting dressed to go anywhere makes me a little crazy and after showing her four or five shirts to choose from I often times find myself telling her that I give up and to figure it out herself. 
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Krista Keller said...

Love that quote- I actually went to Frederick Douglass elementary school. :). That picture is so perfect and such a gauge of where are children are at

Allison Jacobs said...

Such a perfect image to show that daily struggle! Love how you got her on her tip toes on the drawer too!!!

Jayme F. said...

Love the quote and the perspective of the image! Well done!

Gail said...

4-5 choices is a lot of choices ...what a lucky girl to have so many.

Be kind to yourself. set out her clothing for the week in piles, and put the rest out of bounds! haha

but seriously? how can you deny a creative her life passion... to mix and match outfits? It's just the teaching of 'hang up and put away the old, before adorning the new' that kills us too. Struggle on mama, struggle on. One day her closets will be emptied to fill that space in her own home.