project 26 | me and mine

Originally for my last me and mine post of the year, I envisioned a picture of all three of us together so I tried to set up the remote to get a picture of us together. However someone, who will remain nameless, had other plans.  While I was happily smiling and clicking away on the remote someone else was happily picking their nose in all of those shots. Lovely. I threatened to post them here but they just giggled and didn't seem to mind. Instead of going through the whole fiasco again I asked each of the kids to take a picture of me with the other. Leah only got pictures of the floor and the ceiling but Jordan rocked the Lensbaby and took this little treasure.
Please be sure to go through the circle and check out all the ladies posts. Next up is the inspiring Ginger Unzueta | Central Florida Natural Light Photographer, her images are light filled and gorgeous!


jules said...

love the lensbaby ... he totally rocked it! you two are gorgeous together! happy holidays!!

Anonymous said...

so verycol. you girls are gorgeous. merry christmas! so glad you could join in me and mine with us.

hope tolivr