turning 6

It overwhelms me to know that it was six years ago that you came screaming into my life. My dear sweet boy I am literally overwhelmed with how much I love and adore you. When I saw you standing in the doorway of our room this morning for the first time as a six year old I had tears well up in my eyes. I was taken back, by your sweet smile and how grown up you looked, it seems almost in an instant you went from a baby to a big boy. Although just so you know you will always be my baby.

You are so much like me it is scary sometimes. You are sensitive, cautious and you question everything. Maybe a little too much sometimes. I have to be careful about what I say around you because you take everything literally. Like the day Grannie told you there was a wild cat in her yard and you were afraid to go to her house for weeks because you thought you and Leah were going to be attacked. It was actually just a domestic cat that happened to live outside but whenever you saw that cat your skinny little legs ran so fast it was comical.

I try to embrace (and be patient) with the fact that you are so sensitive because I know one day you will be able to go in the basement without being scared. There will come a day when you will no longer come running to me for every scrape and cut and I will yearn for this time when you want your Mama to hold your hand. There will come a day when you will no longer need your baby sister to go with you around every dark and scary corner. And I know that the fact that you are sensitive also makes you one of the most caring boys I know. You are always willing to give hugs, cuddles and kisses. I know that it is because of your sensitivity that I will often overhear you tell Leah, "I love you."  for no reason but just because you do and you want to make sure she knows it. It is so sweet and I hope you never lose that sweetness and big caring heart of yours.

You can read really well now and you love to bring home Fly Guy books from the library and read them to Leah and I before you go to bed. You sleep at the foot of your bed (near the well lit closet) in a pile of blankets, and stuffed animals and one of your favorites is your alligator who you named "Daddy" because you said he is soft like daddy's face. You love all things Star Wars and Legos. Your favorite food is cream of chicken soup and you like to drink white grape juice and water, but only if it is from the tap. You are my little brainiac and you will often grab a piece a paper to do math because you, "think it is fun." I even find you doing math with chalk on the sidewalk for fun. You definitely did not get that from me. If you are not doing math you are creating books about superheros, Star Wars, insects or dinosaurs. Sometimes you write the stories by hand but your favorite thing to do is tell me the story while I type it out on the computer. You love that so much!

My little man, I have no idea what good karma came my way when you were born but I am so glad it did because I am incredibly lucky that you made me a Mama six years ago today. I thank my lucky stars every day, every minute, every second I get to spend with you. I adore every little thing about you.

Happy Birthday my love.

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