summer reading

We have really embraced the summer reading programs at our local libraries and we have been read SO much this summer. The kids have been having a blast participating in the programs, the other day after spending a lazy, rainy afternoon at the library, when we were leaving the library both kids told me I was the best mom ever for taking them to the library. What? Really? Who knew it could be that easy.

We all know it but I think reading builds a strong foundation for learning and I really encourage it and try to make it fun.

I let them pick out 5 books each, any books they want...sometimes I try and sway them towards certain books by showing them books I think they would like but I don't tell them no when they make their picks. I know if they get to choose they are more likely to read them. I usually pick a few classic kid books too and they always love my choices.

We read often. We read together and we read alone it really has been keeping us busy.

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