project portraits - creative location

It is time for our monthly project inspired by Chris Orwig's book, People Pictures, 30 exercises For Creating Authentic Photographs. This month's theme is creative location and pullback. 

As photographers we are always looking for places to shoot, places that inspire us and are unique. For me, I interpreted this theme as an exercise in getting creative with a location that I would otherwise pass by and dismiss as too boring and bland. 

I initially shot in this location with my 50 mm but I was disappointed in the results. I was not getting enough in the frame or the look I was hoping to achieve then I remembered my lovely Lensbaby. I wasted my time switching up lenses so I lost the attention of my little lady quickly but I got a few keepers from this little dirt patch in the corner of our yard.  I included a pullback for you to see exactly where I was shooting.

Please be sure to check out the rest of the circle, next up is my talented friend Allison Jacobs, Orange County Photographer.


Allison Jacobs said...

Christine!!! Love the dreamy look you got from the Lensbaby! I keep going back to look and they are all so lovely. That last one is my almost looks like a painting! SO SO SO gorgeous!

Jessica said...

These are simply beautiful! And perfect for the lensbaby. That one of her hair from the back is absolutely breathtaking... Lovely work!