project 12 portraits - reflection

A new year a new post for our project 12 portraits blog circle. I am so grateful this group has decided to start up again and give this project another run through 2014.

I became an Aunt again this week to a perfect baby boy and I have been reflecting a lot lately about when our own babies were born and how much they have grown. I still cannot believe I have two "babies" of my own. I cannot believe Leah is our daughter. There is something really special in having a little girl in your life. I am truly lucky.

We have two new amazing photographers who have joined the group so be sure to go through the circle and say, "hi".  I can't wait to see what everyone came up with for the theme this month.  Next up is Jessica Holden | San Francisco Bay Area Photographer


allison jacobs said...

These are wonderful Christine! Love that clear reflection in the water & the way you composed the image in that 2nd photo. Your daughter (and that hat!) are adorable!

Laurie said...

I agree! There is something special about a mother having a daughter. :) What sweet pictures you have captured of yours. I love puddle pictures! I really love the last one with the tree refection as the focus. :) Nice work and thanks for the shout out ;) And love your blog btw :)

Laurie said...

oh gosh, check out that headshot by my comment! Totally forgot about that one ;)