Jordan's Birthday

So here I am, two years of motherhood behind me. At times I can hardly believe it and at other times, I feel as if it has always been this way. My dear first born Jordan, this boy is seriously sweet to the core.

Some things about Jordan at 2:

He is loving and kind, always puckering up to give smooches and “huggies”
He adores his sister and he asks, “Where is she?” first thing when he wakes up in the morning
He smothers Leah with hugs and kisses on a daily (if not hourly) basis
He loves to “read” books, especially if they are about trucks, trains or dinosaurs
He is silly and likes to make us laugh. Lately he has been telling me, “that’s funny Mommy.” like just yesterday when two birdies were running around the front yard looking for worms
He likes to wear anything with a basketball on it…or pockets…or buttons (just like his Daddy’s button down dress shirts and polo’s)
He is a helper. He wants to help with everything… dishes, laundry, cooking
He likes most to play with his garbage trucks, tools and in his “house” (tent)
He is obsessed with our vacuum (although it still scares him to death when it is on)
Orange is his favorite color (I think), he knows many other colors but if you ask him what color he wants 9 times out of 10 it is orange
He likes to play outside, rain or shine
He doesn’t like to get dirty and is always asking me to wipe his “handsies”
He loves to ride his bike and to be pushed around in his car or swing (he likes how Daddy pushes him best)
He is tall and skinny…very skinny
He sleeps with his best pals Cookie Monster, Puppy and his two special blankets
Pizza is his favorite food. He even does a pizza dance
He also does a potty dance, a happy dance and a going outside dance…which are all the same

Hope you had a wonderfully Happy Birthday Jordan! I am so lucky to be your mom. Love you so much!

Thank you everyone for celebrating Jordan's special day with us!


Anonymous said...

Oh my I must say all the kids are so so cute really makes my day.
Grandma Sharon

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