Just Like Riding A Horse

Yesterday when Jordan was supposed to be napping he showed up unexpectedly at my feet. When I jumped in surprise and asked him what he was doing downstairs he said, "Don't worry Mommy I was careful".  I asked him to bring me upstairs and show me how he got out of his bed and he was very excited to show off his new skill. He said, "look Mommy I am just like George (he is talking about Curious George the monkey) and  look Mommy it is just like riding a horse".  He climbed in and out over 25 times and I saw no sign of him getting tired. I called Drew right away and told him it was time for a big boy bed. I don't want Jordan "riding a horse" when he is supposed to be napping.

We told him that if he gets out when he is supposed to be napping then we will have to put the crib back up so will see how long it takes before he tests the water. He napped today in the big boy bed and he stayed in bed the whole time and he was super excited to sleep in his bed tonight. The last thing he said before he fell asleep was " I won't get out of bed Mommy". Wish us luck!

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