creative mama turns two

In honor of one of my very favorite blogs, The Creative Mama turning 2 we had a birthday party at our house yesterday! If you have never checked out The Creative Mama you should. It is loaded full of amazing inspiration including everything from crafts, recipes and photography tips.

The kids were over the moon excited when they saw me making cupcakes and mixing up chocolate and I told them we were getting dressed up and having a party.  They were running around like little wild indians and were super excited to pick out their party outfits.

Jordan was a little confused because we were the only ones at the party and there were no presents. In the end we had so much fun eating cupcakes and dancing the morning away. What a simple way to have fun. I think we should party like this more often.

***(added 2/13/11 copied from The Creative Mama site) After all the entries and votes were in, we decided that the image below embodied our 2nd birthday celebration best.  (We love that there are two children, two cupcakes, and all of the criteria was met, including the “2″ and “The Creative Mama” spelled out in yummy icing!)  

I am so excited I am the lucky winner of  Berry Bag from Ketti Handbags!  

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