project 26 | tablescape

I am so excited, I have been asked to join a project 26 with a group of incredibly talented woman from across the United States. This 26 week project will consist of two blog posts each month, one will be a “me & mine” post and the second will be a challenge or theme photo.

This week’s theme is: tablescapes. When I first think of a tablescape I think of a table straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine. Gorgoeous and styled down to every last detail. My own table does not fit that bill...ever. The table is set just before dinner and even then it is set with mismatched plastic cups, a rainbow of IKEA plates and paper napkins. Eye candy? No way.

I had to go a different route since I did not want to bail out on posting in my first week with the group. On Tuesdays I have a hot date with one of my favorite guys at one of the best tables in town. Every week when I drop Leah off at dance class Jordan and I walk next door and get a tasty treat. I always indulge in a medium French Vanilla with extra cream, extra sugar. He has such nice manners that much to his delight, the cashier always gives him a few extra munchkins in his bag.

We always have an extra guest at our table. Today it was a stormtrooper... I think. When Jordan saw my camera out he asked me to take his picture. I showed him the picture and he did not like it so he moved this guys head and asked me take it again. After the change he said it was perfect.

Next up is the talented Gail Pomare | San Jose and Santa Cruz Lifestyle Photographer.


Suzanne Carey said...

Welcome to the group!! Such a cutie to share a treat with. Our table is also filled with IKEA bright plates and utensils! Love your take on the theme this week. I cannot wait to see more in the weeks to come!

Carey said...

Yes, ditto Suzanne. Welcome!!! It seems we are in the same boat! Colorful Ikea-ware for our table and each meal has a different distinguished "guest". I love that he moved the dude around until the photo was "perfect". A special boy-date sounds like the perfect tablescape to me!

Misty Setzler said...

So glad to be in a circle with you again! fun lunch time.

tamsen said...

heehee. So cute that you have little dates with your little guy! Those special times are so fun for them and projects like these make us capture them...ordinary moments that are not so ordinary. <3