me & mine | august

I love that Leah tells me I have beautiful blue eyes just like her... just all old and wrinkly!! Ha! The girl cracks me up. I can remember sitting on my mom's lap on her thirtieth birthday and waiting for the wrinkles and asking her when they were going to come. I literally thought that day she was going to get wrinkles. I thought thirty was so stinkin' old. My kids think I am ancient now.

Leah is sure she is going to be a rock star some day and she wants me to go on tour with her. I asked her if I could be one of her back up dancers and she said no because I was going to be too old and old people fall and get hurt a lot and she doesn't want me to get hurt. On the upside she said I could get her juice boxes and water if I wanted that job though. Sounds like a pretty easy job if you ask me so I will take it if she ever makes it as a rock star. Let's just hope she keeps it together better than Miley....yikes!!

Here is me and my baby girl, my first smile wrinkles (I have always wanted these by the way), sunspots and wild hair for the whole world to see (or at least the five people who read this blog). Message of the day...get in pictures with your loved ones people! They think you are beautiful no matter what and just want to have something to remember you by and don't just take em' get em' off your phones, digital cards,  computers, clouds or where ever you store your pics these days and print em' too!!
This is a group project so please be sure to check out the rest of the ladies images by following the links. Next up is one of my favorite Mommas, Gail Pomare | Photographer Extraordinaire

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