Isn't She Lovely

You have to go check out this site!!!

Click on the link, watch your screen (10 seconds or so) and just wait for it...

Do not click on anything  just wait for it...

Believe me when I say

When you see it, you will know it
So cool

I don't know how long it will be up
Isn't she lovely!!!

**** edited****
 the link has been changed on Sigma
here is the winning image and a screen shot


Grannie said...

YES YES she is amazing not just looking her smile lights up my heart

Anonymous said...

It may be too late for you to get this comment, but just in case, Nana and Papa couldn't be more thrilled with the winning photo, the subject is BEAUTIFUL and so is her MOMMY. I hope you were able to print a copy for me as I was not able to get a good one.