project portraits - faceless

This is literally the perfect portrait of Leah right now. This girl LOVES to swing. LOVES it! And she loves to swing high, she says she likes it so much because she feels like she can touch the clouds. She has literally taken over the swing in the front yard and gets so mad when anyone else wants a turn. Fair warning people, if any adult comes within a 5 foot radius of her and a swing she will ask for a push...consider yourself warned.

For the longest time I had her convinced that I did not know how to push a swing. Little did she know I was just lazy and didn't like to do it. I know what your thinking, bad Mommy right? I wanted to sit outside and watch my kids play, drink my coffee or whatever my drink of choice was at the time, read the paper and feel the wind blow through my hair. Thing is, I will color kid body outlines with chalk, play hop scotch, throw a baseball or push toy cars all over the drive-way all day long. Pushing swings is just not my thing. Unfortunately one day I made the mistake of giving her a really great push and she is on to me now, darn it! No more sitting around and being Mrs Lazybones when she wants a push. Luckily for me though, she is finally getting the hang of how to swing by herself so I might be off the hook once again sometime soon...fingers crossed.

We have about 30 minutes in between drop offs for school so we have made it our daily morning routine to take a trip to park and swing for 15 - 20 minutes before we head over to her preschool. It is so much more fun than sitting in the parking lot and sitting and waiting until they let us in the building.

Please check out the rest of the ladies in the circle starting with Jessica Holden |San Francisco Bay Area Photographer...she is amazing!!


Allison Jacobs said...

Love the depth in your images Christine--there is so much to look at & see, from the shadows to the movement to her cute shoes! Love the way you captured this special time for you guys in your routine!

Jessica said...

Oh, these are absolutely delightful--such fun! I am loving this month's circle--it's one of my favorites!